Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day
     Everything in the world seems to put the importance of being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. So what’s a single girl to do? Trust God. Even for me that statement was hard to how on to let alone do. For me the last few years for me have been hard. This year however is easier to face as a single young woman, because I am trusting God with every aspect of my life and my future. Especially my dating life and my future husband whoever he may be. It’s in God’s hands. God’s timing is not my timing. God’s best for me is far better that anything I could come up with. 
     This single season of my life is a time of waiting and preparation for what God has in plan for me, and it’s going to be good. The whole thing of trusting God with my dating life reminds me of something my eleventh grade Sunday school teachers use to say. “God will bring Mr. almost wonderful into your life, if it is His will for your life. He’ll be Mr. almost wonderful and not Mr. Perfect because only Jesus is perfect.”
     He’ll be Mr. almost wonderful, because he is only human. He will love God more than he loves me. He will treat me like a princess, because I am the daughter of the King of kings, and Lord of lords.
     So for now I am enjoying this season of singleness, and the love of my Heavenly Father. Waiting for God’s timing for God to bring my future husband, my prince into my life, when the time is right.
     There are a few Bible verses that I have been reading to help me grow during this season. Psalms 16, Psalms 40, as well as my life verse Psalms 37:3-4 I am thankful that my devotional this morning had the line that “if you’re single, remember that your value doesn’t come from having a ring on your finger but having Jesus in your heart.”
     Some Christian songs that I enjoy listening to during this season are:
     Wait for Me- Rebecca St. James
     Free to be Me-Francesca Battistelli
     My Paper heart- Francesca Battistelli

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Books I read 2010

At least in my humble opinion these are the best books that I read last year. ·         A Hopeful Heart  Kim Vogel Sawyer
·         Fire Proof Eric Wilson
·         Daring Chole Laura Jensen Walker
·         Turning the Paige Laura Jensen Walker
·         Becca by the Book Laura Jensen Walker
·         Love is a battlefield Annalisa Daughtery
·         Love is a Monumental Annalisa Daughtery
·         Love is Grand Annalisa Daughtery
·         Cool Beans Erynn Mangum
·         Love is Monumental Annalisa Daughtery
·         The Mother Daughter Book Club Pies and Prejudice Heather Vogel Frederick 
·         The Frontier’s Man Daughter Laura Frantz
·         Courting Morrow Laura Frantz