Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goals for the coming year

It’s a New Year, and unlike most people I am not going to make any New Year’s resolutions. If I do not make any resolutions there is no way that I can break them. It seems that every year that I made Resolution’s I’ve ended up breaking them before the end of January. Instead I am going to set goals for myself this year.  Unlike most people I am not going to say that I am going to read the Bible thru in a year. Instead I am making the goal to dive deeper into the word, by studying if I have to verse by verse to understand it. I’ve learned in my life group class at church that the best way to study for me is verse by verse, because there is some much that you can even get out of one verse. Each time you read you gain something different.
With my reading through the Bible I am going to do it a little different than what any one would expect, but I feel that this is what will work for me. At least I hope.  I plan to read one book of the Old Testament then a Book of the New Testament.  It is going to be a wonderful adventure this year and the years to come as I continue grow as I grow as a Christian.
My other goals this is to continue to work towards becoming a nurse. The path of my education journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it. This is because I know that becoming a nurse is what I am meant to be. I also want to continue to put God first, my family second, then my friends and finally myself last.
It is not about me, but about Him. To God be the glory.

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