Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Memorizing scripture

Starting this week; I am going to start memorizing scripture again. I have done this on regular bases since high school. In high school when I was memorizing scripture weekly and I had never felt closer to God, I miss the simple days of high school, when I was able to get what I called a weekly recharging section on Wednesday night service at Church. As a college student I do not have that option, because I have class and have to work on Wednesday.
However God didn’t leave me he stayed constant I am the one that drifted away. I realize now that it’s time for me to come back to the loving arms of my Heavenly Father.
To get me back in the habit of memorizing scripture I’ve decided to start with two verses from the Old Testament, a verse from Proverbs, and two verses from the New Testament
*      Ruth 1:16
*      Psalms 37:3-5
*      Proverbs 17:22
*      Philippians 4:11
*      Matthew 4:4
Memorizing scripture will have help keep up with my daily Bible reading as well. Starting in April I plan to read a Chapter of Proverbs a day, and two Chapters of Psalms a day. Along with a few verses from the book of John this is the book my life group is doing our Bible story on. Also along with a few verses a day from the Book that I’ve chosen to read for my walk. I know I can do this, I will do this.

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