Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break

This past week has been spring Break in the Bluegrass state for my sister. As a college student my spring break was in March, however after my class on Thursday morning my mom my sister and I hit the road to visit historical sites in the Bluegrass. Every since I was little spring break was used as a time to visit historical sites in Kentucky and the surrounding states.

This spring break was no different. This year we went to the “bluegrass area” of the state. Mostly Danville, while there we went to Constitution Square the birth place of Kentucky. However as a nursing student I actually like the McDowell house more. The home of Dr. Ephraim McDowell thanks to the surgery he performed on Jane Todd Crawford; he became known as the father abdominal surgery. Without his “experiment” we might not have the life saving surgeries that we have today.  I also learned that before he performed the surgery he wrote out a prayer and stuck it in his pocket, most doctor’s today don’t do that let alone pray before surgery. You can even see a copy of the pray at the museum house.

I know the dr. did a great surgery, but I for one want to know about Jane Todd Crawford. I know one thing if an author wanted to write a fictional story based on this event I know that I would read it, if it focused on Jane Todd Crawford as well.

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  1. Carissa, OH, so envy you;) I'm a big fan of the good doctor here - only I've never been to his house. What a beautiful place! Now I know why you had so much fun. A road trip with mom and sis would be the best. Bless you so much!