Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom

I hadn’t planned on doing a Mother’s day post; because I assumed that most blogger’s out there would be doing one. I decided to go ahead and do a post about my mom, because everyone’s mother is special and my mom is no different.  As long as I can remember she has been there for me; when I needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent to, when I needed a hug.
We had some tough times when I was a preteen who thought I knew better and didn’t need my mom telling me what to do. The more I pushed her away the harder she hung on. I am thankful she did, because without her standing by me and her love I don’t know where I would be now.
My mom and I grew closer through my teenage years, when I realized mom did know what she was talking about; when she would tell me not to do something. Now as a twenty something college student my mom is by best friend.
Even though she worked/ (works) full time outside the home, she always managed to pick me up from school every day; from kindergarten till junior year when I started driving. She even made time to get me to soccer and softball practice, violin concerts, as well as girl scouts meetings.  She also never missed a school program or field trip when I was in Elementary school. She always came to our Thanksgiving lunch at school during our Elementary school days, even being one of the volunteers who helped serve the lunch.
My mom has made plenty of sacrifices though the years to make sure that my sister and I had the things we needed. There were plenty of times that she went without new clothes and shoes so that my sister and I could have new clothes and shoes for school. Now she is trying hard to help me pay for college, and I know that it is not easy for her and sometimes I feel guilty that she is still going without some of the things she wants so that I can attend college and have a better life than she had.
I know I don’t tell her near enough that I love her, but I do. She gave me life, even when it completely changed her life. She says it changed her life for the better. She has always been there for me, putting my sister’s and my needs above her own. I just hope that when I am a mom that I can be half the mom that she has been.  I know that having a child doesn’t make you a mom or dad. But being there for you child or children and putting them first; giving love, your time, nursing them when they are sick, helping heal their hurts makes you a mom. I know that I had the best mom. I love you mom.

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