Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finding my copy of Lady in Waiting and my list

With school being out for the semester I have been in the process of going through some of my things, to see if I could find stuff that I could get rid of in order to clear out some of the clutter.  In the process I found a tub of books from high school. Most of the books in the tub were teen fiction books that I had read in high school; however there was one book that caught my eye: Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall / Debby.  This was one of the books that we study in my Sophomore Sunday School class. I really enjoyed the book as a high school student, and I am rereading it as a college student. It is a reminder to young girls that it is worth waiting; the book is encouraging to anybody. I recommend that every teenage girl and college age women who are waiting for God’s timing should read the book.
Finding the book was great, but it was what fell out of the book that was even more rewarding, my list. As part of the study we had to make a list of the qualities that we wanted in a future husband if it was God’s will for our lives. It reminded me that I have to trust God.  Now that I am older some of the qualities that I listed don’t seem as important as they were when I was a teenager however there are a few that I will never wavier on, they are a must. 
Here is my list keep in mind that I originally made the list as a fifteen year sophomore and a new Christian.
My list Qualities in a future spouse
·         Christian
·         Loves Jesus more than he loves me
·         Leader of his house
·         Loves kids
·         Wants to be a father
·         Has Godly friends
·         Great sense of humor
·         Has a heart for orphans
·         Alright with adoption
·         Can accept me wanting to go to Africa to work as a nurse
·         Loves me for me not who wants to be or thinks I should be, but who I am in God’s sight and what the Bible says.
·         Loves the outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing etc.
·         Can make me laugh even when I am having a bad day.
·         Sense of humor that I can understand
·         Can cook

·         A country boy/cowboy (I added this one joking, but put of me wouldn’t mind being married to one if it was God’s will for my life.
 The list is now in my Bible where I can see it on a daily bases. I am also enjoying looking at the notes that I made in my books during the class study of Lady in Waiting. I cannot believe how much I’ve grown in the last few years. I hope to one day be able to share the rubies of wisdom that I have gained with a new generation of Godly young women. I just love Proverbs 31:10-31.

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