Monday, June 20, 2011


     Ever since I was little I’ve known that I was meant to be a nurse. Even before I became a Christian at 15 I knew that nursing would be my calling. God had a plan for me even before I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Now that I am older I know that my calling is to be a Nurse-Midwife, that my passion is helping women and children/babies through nursing. I know that my calling to be a nurse-midwife is long hard road, because there is not that many schools in the country that train Nurse-Midwives.
     I believe because of God’s plan for my life I was born in a state (KY) with one of the oldest colleges for Nurse-Midwives in the country. The small school was founded by Mary Breckinridge, and is located in Hyden Kentucky; the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. This small town and school is in the heart of Eastern Kentucky. The school was founded to train the midwives that would treat the people living in the Mountains of eastern Kentucky. This is the midwife school that I hope I am able to attend; a nursing school filled with history.
Other members of my family have also known that I was destined to be a nurse or some other health care professional. Every time someone was injured or needed a cut tended to I always wanted to help.
 I always enjoyed playing “doctor” or “nurse.” Every time my cousins and I would play any type of game I always wanted to play the nurse, no matter what “game” we were playing. Since we always ended up playing cowboy and outlaws; we were not allowed to play cowboys and Indians, because with cowboys and Indians there is no clear cut bad guy.  Me being a “nurse” seemed to fit, because I was the only girl and a bit of a tomboy. The seeds of wanting to be a nurse were planted early.
It was while doing research on my family tree that I discovered that my great-great grandmother was a lay midwife, meaning that even though she had no formal training or nursing school she became a midwife; trained by her mother-in-law it seems. I guess you could say that being a nurse-midwife is sort of in my blood, however I want go to school to be a nurse-midwife to become licensed to be able to practice. I am trusting God with His plan for me to come to pass in His timing.

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