Friday, October 28, 2011

End of a long week

I survived another long week of school and work. As of right now I am pulling B's in four of my classes, and an A in one. So far so good now if I can just keep it up for the rest of the semester. I'm in the process of planning my schedule for the next semester at least so far even though I have to take five classes again next semester my schedule is not as crazy, because I only have to go to school four days a week instead of five. 

I discovered a new way together home from school that takes me on scenic  tour that actually gets me home quicker and allows me to see some pretty neat sights.  Today I even had to stop and take some pictures, that I'll try to post later.

I broke down and finally brought a pair of boots I had been wanting for a while, but kept putting off. I've wanted a pair of Justin boots forever but kept putting off buying them, because I thought they were expensive. Turns out they are actually pretty reasonable. The pair I brought was way cheaper than the Lardo's I brought on Vacation one year. Which I've only worn a few times because they hurt my feet. But the Justin boot's have a J-flex flexible comfort system WITH REMOVABLE ORTHOTIC INSERT from  which is great for someone with fat feet. 
Here's the boots I ordered can't wait for them to get here.


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